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Instagram Post on Misogynistic Rhetoric (11/29/2015)

Sky Ferreira

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I guess my existence/value is strictly based off of as my appearance lol. It's pretty petty and shitty that I'm supposed to be okay with being called a bitch or a slut or torn apart on my appearance daily (all day & every day).I find most of it amusing/irrelevant &...mostly boring. Yes,I'm aware there are much bigger problems to have. I also find it interesting...because 75% of it is from young(ish) males & the females who do this...let's just say it's not doing you or the rest of us any favors. What do you know about being the "ideal" woman? There isn't one. It doesn't exist. I'm either too thin,too fat,too dumb,too vapid,too troubled,too fake,too boring, too happy, too sad etc. I might as well try ice skating up a hill trying to find a solution to that one.Yeah yeah yeah the Internet is silly & shouldn't be taken seriously but it doesn't mean you should spew downright foul & horrible things to people. Sexual/verbal harassment isn't funny, it's mostly unsettling & at a certain point intolerable...and abusive.Women like @mileycyrus @_alice_glass @actuallygrimes @charli_xcx @selenagomez @lanadelrey @azealiabanks & more shouldn't have to be "okay" with it & should be able to remind people to respect them without it being deemed as complaining. It's not part of our job. Our job is to simply create stuff. All of the negative disgusting bullshit some of you write makes it really difficult for others/positivity to shine. It's dumb & unnecessary. I bet you're mothers are reeeeallly proud of the monsters they've created some of you to be. THAT IS SERIOUSLY UNATTRACTIVE