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[Verse 1]
They tell me, "Count your blessings," I need more to count
Everyone a wolf is what I'm finding out
Fighting fears, but I live with doubts
Sky's falling, but I hold my ground
Feeling more unique the more I look around, yeah
When you tell me my limit is where I draw the line
My mission's to the moon, I won't Apollo-gize
It can't be your year when every year is mine
Money takes you places, but it makes you blind, yeah
Straightjackets all around, everybody sleeping still
Music on Xanax made me feel like I took a sleeping pill
Life is a highway, one day you gotta learn to take the wheel
No more crying, no more silence; time to tell 'em how you feel
You either want it or you don't, you're alive or you're a ghost
Leave it up to God, all I say is, "Adios"
Ran it out the park, now we run it in the prose
If your heart is rich, I don't need to see it on your clothes, ay!
They want a million, but can't keep it a hundred
Not the type to say a lot, I just pull up and run it
I just pull it, keep it humble, but I heard that doesn't sell
The emptiest people usually full of themselves
I wonder, am I feeling my soul? Am I feeling my lies?
Am I seeing the truth? Am I closing my eyes?
Am I finding myself or do I live in my pride?
Am I scared to be open or take a look what's inside?

[Verse 2]
I'm not the type to keep friends
That don't make me a better man
I'm not the type to stay the same, this isn't Neverland
I'm not the type to drop a song a day to stay relevant, agh
What you really know about me, huh?
What you know about sleeping with a coat in the winter, huh?
Looking at the rain like I had enough
I always had to give 'em more when they told me, "Give it up"
"Ivan I don't get it, why you always so negative?
Why you always down, can't you see it's repetitive?
You say you love God, you treat pain like a medicine
I'm your biggest fan, I know you'll do better, and
Make what we want, I'll start playing your songs again
My family loves your stuff, but lately they haven't been
Please hit me back, I need to tell you some other things
Please, can you read this? And—"
Yo, I'm not happy with pain
I just deal with it differently
I really don't care if nobody remembers me
You don't want it? Then don't take it
Sit it down and just let it be
More concerned if I can smile back at all of my memories
If I empty my pockets, empty my life savings just to empty my heart
Now they say I'm life-saving, yeah, they say I'm life-saving
Life's like Friday nights, no one's ever done changing
I heard how happiness comes
From sacrificing what you want most for what you want now
It's not the pretty words you'd think it would say
It's the kinda person you are when nobody's around
Yeah, so pray for me, I've been cooking
Yeah, they tell me, "Make a plate for me"
I only hear the truth, what can you say to me?
Ain't a game to me, this was made for me
Made to be the greatest, but that isn't who I came to be

When you pick up the pieces
You don't notice that it picks you apart
'Til you look at your heart
'Til you look in the mirror like you don't know where to start
All these scars looking beautiful, 'cause that's what you are
I've been getting singles from above
Telling me, "Imperfection means there's more to love"
Letting go will never mean that you're not enough
If you can let it go, all that remains is who you've become.

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