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The Broken Man (Script)

Game Of Thrones (Juego de Tronos)


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Many men are performing various tasks pertaining to the construction of a church. Many women are preparing food.

MAN: That's it. Get it to the top.

MAN #2: Steady. Steady.

BROTHER RAY is standing beneath the framing, addressing two men who are hoisting up a log.

RAY: Up she goes.

RAY turns to another man and slaps him on the back.

RAY: Hey, come on. Put your back into it, huh?

RAY walks a few paces away, grabs an ax, and lifts it up to a man standing on the church framing.

RAY: Here you are, son.

The man standing on the framing takes the ax. RAY turns to see two men carrying a log into the opening beneath the framing. He waves them in.

RAY: Oh, gentlemen, please.

RAY walks out from beneath the framing and addresses more men carrying logs.

RAY. And you lot, come on. Come on, get it moving. Come on, come on.

RAY hurries beneath one of the logs and laughs. He turns and looks up at the church framing, smiles, and nods. In a field a little ways off, more men are carrying larger logs towards the church framing. Four men carry each log. A man carrying one of these heavy logs by himself comes into view. He drops the log in front of the church framing and pants, then turns to look out over the landscape. The man is SANDOR CLEGANE, The Hound.

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