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Well baby, baby won't you come with me?
We'll leave addictions and a colour TV
And it could be beautiful

We'll jump the lines on a started pill
Leading ladies in an elegant film
Why they look so beautiful?

You and me, we are the lovers on the streets
We're the litter on the breeze
Me and you, don't you love the things we do?
You love the things we do

So baby, baby let's go today
Up in the sky with the radio waves
Well it's around new works(?)

We'll jump the lines at the 99
The stereo's on and reminding in fine(?)
Why you look so beautiful?


So baby, baby well it's time we're gone
Stay together while the stereo's on
Gonna live so beautiful

We'll jump the lines in the darkest streets
The shady ladies on a nowadays film
Why they look so beautiful?


Gonna feel it
Can you feel it, feel it now?

New money on the red line
Near the head line now

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