John Mellencamp

Letra de la canción

She´s got tights on her legs
She´s got a floppy French hat
Voodoo in her eyes
And endangered species on her back

She talks about the movies
She likes to talk about art
She can show you a good time
But you´ll never touch her heart

Mama why do I always fall for the crazy ones
Mama why do they lay so heavy on my heart
Well I´m drawn to the devil everytime we kiss
Mama why do the crazy ones leave me feeling like this

She´s got backstage access
And she´s dancin' in the aisles
She looks a little sad and crooked
When you see her smile

She´s got the magic heart
She says you cannot understand
She´s got a secret hurt
She ain´t gonna share with no man


She´s got her mind on her business
She never wants to be broke
Well, I hate to see her suffer
But she just does not get the joke

I can´t afford her style of living
I can´t afford to get so mad
Everytime I think about her
It just makes me sad

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

John Mellencamp
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