Baby Bird

In The Country

Baby Bird


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Finally somewhere in the country
A beautiful house and a beautiful wife
Two daughters and a chimney
And a little smog in the garden of my life
Will make us feel at home like a family
Like back in the city where the building are ugly
But the girls are pretty and the men are lovely
But they have no horses to ride on
No cloud no shame. (?)
No fields to lie down in, in the hot sunny rain

I don't know why I feel this way
But I know I wanna be making hay
In the country, yes I love my country
And I hope she loves me too

You don't know you're born if you've never mowed your lawn
Go out and make a salad with your own sweet corn
If you wanna hear some beautiful bull
Shake my Daisy by the horn
She's that cow sitting by the pond
Licking up some frog spawn

It's the caviar of the country
It's the caviar of my life
Is the centre and the soul of my existence

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