Baby Bird


Baby Bird


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Truth is nigga, You thought you was the man, but you harldy a man.I do dis for my team. I do dis for da fans.stress dese haters out and it ain't nothin' bad. ain't got nothin' against em'. I got lots of potential. I thought she was da one for me,but I can see a issue.n get..Money green, get dat C.R.E.A.M. im living for dreams!.....He say I can't rap, but dats just jealousy. and if I couldn't rap, look where I wouldn't be, (Here). yeah, im gettin' money now..steal ya girl from you and act like nothin' happened. den I be like G.G.G. till da death nigga. unh.. Loyalty is all I know. i pray to god dat I make drop me in da game like a bomb im bout to detonate. I may be a new comer, but on da track im still killing it. ain't neva felt a rush like dis since I became a rapper. its only D.M.B. im ballin' till da death of me. unh loyalty is all i know. i pray to god dat i make it (x7)

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