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Let it Go

Quando Rondo


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I just can't leave you alone
I just can't leave you alone
I just can't leave you alone
I'm still tryna figure it out

2 jobs 9 to 5, shawty gonna try to make it
I know she hate when I be thuggin', she tellin' youngin just keep him stable
If ever I go to jail
Would you hold it down, bae just keep it real
I can see it in your eyes, she tellin lies I'm knowing how you feel
Steady speaking on the past, that's why I made this song
You stay gettin' on my ass, like you know right from wrong
I know I cheated in the past I can't right my wrongs
I really wrote this from the heart, I hope you like this song
She like hol' up lil daddy actin like that I'ma average bitch
And I'm like hol' up lil mama you actin like I got the average dick
I'm like hol' on wait I just stop right here to let you know, this a million reasons why it's time for me to let you go

I just can't leave you alone

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