REAL 92.3 Freestyle



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I might be off-beat, but don't get distracted from the message
No such thing as 'Right music', just make sure that I left an impression
These days niggas sound good on beat, but they not sayin' nothin'
I'm the opposite, close your eyes and just listen for a second
I've only got 60 second just to leave an impression
I'm the hottest, hotter than who they wanna be hotter than
All my metaphors got two meanings like a motherfuckin' homonym
Niggas payin' for attention, instead I pay attention with common sense
Ain't took a jumpshot, but they believe that I made it
This the industry when everybody believe it then, damn well, you've made it
When you beneath 'em they love you, when you pass 'em they really hate it
My punchlines hurt, so you know it's a hit when I touch it
I'm a Crip, I done done it all from squabblin' to bustin'
I could beat a hunnid bands up and I'll still slide for nothin'
Die for my respect, 'cause without it I'm nothing

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