Canción 'Intro' del disco 'Outlaw' interpretada por Alabama 3

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Alabama 3

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INTRO es una canción de Alabama 3 del año 2005, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Outlaw.

Letra 'Intro'

I was always searchin' for El Dorado

Jus' put the needle on the record!

Well are you short haired, long haired, young and old, tryin' to get yourself together with what you've been told? Well what you been told ain't the righteous truth. Because I can tell you now, son, I've been here for five hundred and one years. Ever since the Renaissance. And I'll tell you what, the train is gonna leave at half-past two. What you gonna do? You gonna leave with me, or be left here with the squares, on their ordinary triangular world, man?

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