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The entire track is spoken:
You know, I have a
We're in this place, and I, I much love Jesus, though
You know, I've a
There's a Scripture that I love because it, it shows me how much God loves me in spite of who I am, and
We were talking about it today, we were doing a Bible study, and we were talking about it
It's in John -- and it says that God demonstrates His own love to us, that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us
So that means, you guys, He knows everything about you; He knows everything about me, and He still loves us, you know?
And He still gave everything for us. And I think it's one of those things where God, lately in my heart
I'm just like, 'Lord, please. I'm tired of myself, I'm tired of so many times trying to build up the little kingdoms that I have here.'

And, and it's been a conviction in my heart
Because, the thing is, it's so easy because we live here in this earth
There's a Scripture that says
Set your mind on things above, not on the things of this earth
Why? Because this is not our home
And, you see, the thing is, is that
We are not here at all, at all, to build our kingdoms
We are here solely for the purpose of building the kingdom of God, you guys. That's it. That's it
And until we let go and release the things of this world that, that pull so often

Man, I just want to, you see
He's my King, He's my King
And as Him being my King, and me being His servant, us being His servants
I just want to truly say, 'Lord, I want to do whatever You want me to do. Surrender my all unto You.'
Guys, I, I, mentioned, I look at what is going on, and I was talking about it earlier, and
My heart, like never before has been urgent, has been desperate for this generation
You guys, there is so many distractions that's going on
And I know because I get caught up in that
And it's funny -- we have so many things that keep us busy, and I laugh because, you know, I have an iPhone, and I love my iPhone, you know, and uh, if there is ten minutes of dead time
I'm like, 'Let me see what the next app that I can maybe download, you know. And it's just like whenever we can or somebody I can text for a second
And those things aren't bad
It's just that there's a lot of distractions
Almost numbing us to the fact that we are in desperate need, in desperate need of a Savior
Because we have filled ourselves up with so many things here in this earth
There's a generation out there, there are people out there that are hurting; that are broken

You guys, I just
I was writing for this record, and I said, 'God, give me something that You want me to share, I don't want it to be of myself at all.'
I was on my face, and just weeping
And God would just take back to the basics of our Christianity
You see, how often do we really go out, and we go out and serve people, whether it be going to the hospital, or going wherever,going to your next door neighbor and saying, 'Can I mow your lawn, just for free. I just want to serve you
Why? God loves you.'

I mean I'm making little examples here
But the point is, is that we're called to reach out, each and every one of us
Matthew 5 says you are the light of the world, let your light shine among men that they may glorify your Father in heaven
And you guys, there's so many people that, that maybe speak the truth, too
And this song is called 'Louder Than Before'
And we all know that actions speak louder than words, we know that

When you're serving someone, when you're loving someone, showing them Christ, it speaks volumes
There's those who speak truth, but there's no love, and no one wants to hear it
And there's those that quote unquote love, but they're afraid to offend someone, so they won't speak the truth
You guys, the truth will set you free, and you shall be free indeed
You guys, we have been given the gift of eternal life
You see, I want to encourage you, but it begins with love

1 Corinthians 13, what does it say?
It says, 'We can speak of the tongue of men and of angels, but have not love, it's a resounding gong or a clanging symbol
We can even remove mountains, do all these great things, but if we have not love, we're nothing
If I'm on stage here tonight and I'm not on my face before the Lord, I'm not loving you guys
Shame on me

God's been convicting me I've been on my face, just saying, 'Lord, I don't want this to be about me at all'
You guys, read your Bibles, read your Bibles
This is not just our Christian duty
This is the Word of God
Hebrews 4, it says its living and its active
I mean it's doing, doing something in our hearts
And I want to encourage you, before you want to see God do those things through you, 'cause He's gonna use each and every one of you. You don't have to be on stage here
We can pour out to one another and reach this nation and all these 18,000 plus people here in this city, in the surrounding areas, and show the love of Jesus Christ, and serve, and speak the truth

You guys, things can happen
Our moment is now. We have one shot
Surrender all, surrender all
Before He can work through You, He has to work in You
Fall more in love with Jesus
So you can tell the world
More and more about your Savior, and how He is

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