Canción 'Call Off The Dogs' del disco 'Deaf Heat EP' interpretada por Marika Hackman

Call Off The Dogs Letra

Marika Hackman

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CALL OFF THE DOGS es una canción de Marika Hackman que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Deaf Heat EP.

Letra 'Call Off The Dogs'

Call off the dogs
Keep your head
'I know the drill'
Is what you said

But the blind-thump
Drum beat
Froze with
Deaf heat

And the night's still young
But I feel old
And don't touch me there
Your hands were cold

From the outside
Crows speak
Wet face
Warm cheeks

Silence my roaring veins
Exhale, inhale
It's hot in here
Fleshy-walled foundations
Oxygen thick like glue

Let's go to bed
I like you best
The teeth in your mouth
Tongue suppressed

[Chorus I] (x2)

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