Indo Love

Indo Love



Indo Love Letra

What's up, baby? You ready for this?
R. Kelly talkin' bout bump and grind
Jodeci talkin' bout fiendin'
Silk talkin' bout losin' control. but I'm' talkin' bout yo body hot as indo

I got you soaked, I got you soaked. oh you so hot
Her heart is pumpin' real fast, feelin' like you got a fever
Baby it's just my pizzazz. makin' you feel so right
Everything is gettin' hot (hot baby). it's just that I've hit yo right spot

Now you feelin' like you up on cloud nine
Baby, it's just my love makin' you feel so high
Feel like ya been smokin' indo (Oh, I know you feelin' alright)
Feel like ya been smokin' indo (Oh, it's just my love, baby)
Feel like ya been smokin' indo (I got ya soaked, I got ya soaked)
Feel like ya been smokin' indo (Can you feel what I'm feelin', baby?)
I get high on you baby, so won't you get high on me
Feelin like ya took ya last breathe. baby it's just me you inhaled
Girl, you just inhaled my love potion
Aw, it's the motion in the ocean

'Cause I got it goin' on backstroke and I wanna give it all to you
'Cause I know what it's gonna do; it's gonna make you feel like you want indo
Got ya so high, so high-eee. oh oh yeah. oh that indo
Anything that I do to ya baby girl I'm gonna do it to you
'Cause I love ya and I need yo love baby
Doin' thangs with the hot spot make ya feel high as that indo do(it's got you so hot.)
Make ya feel so good inside make ya feel like you want that indo (Make ya fly like a kite)
Got ya so hot

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