They Like It Slow

They Like It Slow



They Like It Slow Letra


(Like it slow)
(Like it slow)
(Like it slow)
(Like it slow)

(Like it slow)
(Like it slow)
(Like it slow)

I can feel your touch
Everytime you move back with your push
And it feels so wet
Then I get my slow motion right there
(ooooohh I wanna love your body slow)
Everytime I count a punch
And the rules go
Always slow, toe to toe
If you don't know
They don't like that right attack
Damn right

Come, don't rush
Ones that do, they're certain to get none
And it don't justify
Don't try to move too fast take your time
It's a bad thing to come and drive straight by
Trying to be the one to win your trust
Cause they don't know (yeah baby)
How you feel for sure
So take it slow
It's alright
I did dodge it

Let's break it down oh no (slow)
Baby let me take it slow with you

Slow it down take time right
Go fast girl (no) makes me pull from (no)
Won't you take your time


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