Champagne For Everybody Letra y Canción

Joyner Lucas

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CHAMPAGNE FOR EVERYBODY es una canción de Joyner Lucas que se estrenó el .


'Champagne For Everybody'

Champagne for my real friends
Real pain for my sham friends
(Uh, uh uh uh) Nah
Champagne for everybody (Yeah)

[Verse 1]:
Champagne dreams for them days I was unemployed (uh)
Selling drugs, trying to live, I was stuck in void (yeah)
Wasn't like I wanted to
But what the f*** I'm 'posed to do
When the government ain't giving me no fuc*** choice?
They ain't want to show us love like them other boys
I was trying to make a change 'til they cut my voice
I was trying to buy a Range 'til they upped the price on me
Try to cut the lights on me like they clubbing boy (Boy)
I can tell ya things, that some people never seen in life
Living lavish, thinks that happiness the key to life
I had a couple bad bitches, I ain't treat 'em right
I had a couple fat bitches I ain't even like
But their conversations was enough to make me sleep at night
Never fuc*** 'em, but I made sure they were eating right
Only loved 'em 'cause they taught me how to love myself
Gave me something to believe when there was nothing else
Tell me something else
All I know is hell, point me to the riches
It's funny how niggas screaming, money over bitches
But, when them niggas going broke, then it's bitches over money now, oh
Whoa, that's some fake shit, but that's the world that I know
She just want attention, that's the girl that I know (yeah)
I just want a pension, that's a check that I deserve
Share it with my niggas, I ain't stressin' 'bout a bird
All you ever wanted in life was to be a legend
All I ever wanted in life was to be accepted (uh)
All I ever wanted at night was a Lamborghini
'Til I woke from my dreams, and they told me to keep dreamin'
My radio demons
Too much new shit with out a reason (yeah)
Too much music without a meaning (yeah)
But how the hell do I keep believing without achieving
And how the hell do I pledge allegiance without allegiance?
Me and John Lennon by the fire, singing songs
'Kumbaya,' wishing that my Lord sing along
Reminiscing 'bout every ni*** that did me wrong
Pray to God I don't catch 'em slipping, but this is wrong
This is wrong
We ain't supposed to hold grudges
Forgiven all my enemies for they don't know nothing
This is Sunday school church, this is soul touching
This that old Keisha Cole back in '07
This that Bob Marley dreadlock shit
This that grandma in the kitchen cooking ham hog shit, whoa!
I warned niggas years ago before they cared about me
Like 'If you don't hear me now, then you going to hear about me.'
But I forgive 'em, I can see them over there watching
And I still got champagne for everybody
Pour it
Champagne for everybody (yeah)

[Verse 2]:
She said
She said 'I thought that you were different'
'I thought that you'd be different' (you'd be different)
'I thought that you would be submissive' (nah)
Told you all my secrets while you just pretend to listen
Just so you can have a feast while you f*** me in the kitchen
Man, you cold blooded and maybe other hoes love it
But I ain't other hoes my ni*** I'm so subborn
Them fuc*** with my heart is like touching a cold oven
That shit barely work, you 'bout to get your feelings hurt
Hold up
Close my eyes and I never get lost again
Some niggas cross the line and I never get crossed again
Pigs pulling triggers, these kids won't walk again
And that's the day I promised God that I'd never eat pork again, wait
No money, no commas, always had them problems (I wish)
More money, more problems, wish I had them problems (I wish)
I know that finance you stressing had you at the bottom but at least if you was making dollars, you can have some progress
They told me only time could tell, but I had no options
Eviction notice, I ain't had no options
Young Jeezy bumping, I was on my Tamadotchi
'Til I almost seen the ghost, I was Action Bronson
I just wanted champagne while I crack a lobster
I just wanna see your fuc*** hands at the concerts
I just wanna see Meghan Good without the nose job
I just wanna see Eva Mendes without the clothes on
And so long to my old kins, and my old friends
And so long to my old bitch and her hoe friends
Shout out to all them hypocritical Christians
Who act like just because I use the words 'niggas' and 'bitches' I can't deliver my message
Come deliver my blessings
Upon evil hide your sins , up in witness protection and
I warned niggas years ago before they cared about me
Like 'If you don't hear me now, then you going to hear about me.'
But I forgive 'em, I can see them over there watching
And I still got champagne for everybody
Pour it
Chapagne for everybody
There you go

Can I have everybody's attention, please?
I need to make a toast
A toast to every motherfuc*** that ever did me wrong
A toast to the basic hoes that played me
And the f*** niggas that slayed me
A toast to the non-believers and the money-hungry creatures who was sitting down eating steaks and lobsters, crabs and didn't even offer me a fuc*** biscuit with the butter that they give you at the restaurant when you sit at the table
I've been hungry since the days I was able to use music as an escape when my aunt was on Section 8 and got her first apartment
I wanna make a toast to my unborn child, I can't wait to see you smile when you come out
A toast to all my old friends who backstabbed me and spread dirt on my name
Well, I got plenty champagne for y'all
Heh, I got plenty champagne for everybody
I got champagne for everybody!

Champagne, champagne 'fore we all go
Champagne, champagne 'fore we all go
Champagne, champagne 'fore we all go
Champagne, champagne
(repeat to fade)