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Verse 1
Time to step past Breen's Plan
No one can believe that I said that
“He's canned”
Now I'm on a rise like a Jet-Pack
Someone get a wet vac
Flow so wavy like a sea man
He can
Rap about Biscuit
Him them with a diss kid
Now he's on his way to make this song
What a risk this
Better get
Mention me
When they mention
My mind got a mind of its own
This time imma rap like a goat

Verse 2
Finna get payed
No more minimum wage
Put the words in a clip of AK
And I shoot up the page
And I vacay to vacant places
In case upper case
Keyboard talking to me
Like I'm finna get a B
But I'm back on my A game
Lacking the neigh say
Pack up a suitcase
Back who do you say
Rap is a two way
Rap is a new game
Attack like I'm two face
Lacking the fruit cakes
Apples and matter fact
Grab a few grapes
Go to school in two days
On a Tuesday
Go slap a student and call out “bonk gang”
Give him a goose egg
Give him some Koolaid
I don't even need to make sense
Cause either way
I'm too great
Everyone tryna act like they are better
Throw me a beat and I'll freeze like the weather
Listen to me and you'll know that I've never been
Less than a king
A trend setter
Flow so cold like I'm on an ice cap
So loco get it when I write that
And the fact I ain't human I'll hide that
I ain't Black Panther: I'm a white cat

Verse 3
Time to Flex like the Tape on the TV
Call me Phill Swift
Imma make it you'll see
Listen to Mr. Clean
Sesame Street
And that one song that uses this very same beat
I'm musically talented
Using it balance
Abuse it I basically
Cancel the sound of it
Basically battle the packet of Algebra
Rap and I skip on the homework cause that is my second priority
First is me
It is conceded
But that's what it needs to be
Man I don't mean to be
I'm a beacon
I'm seeking
Can't see when I'm behind these pieces of crap
I begin to weep like I'm meeting a casket
Peek in and see that it's me
In the basket
We couldn't even
Proceed on the practice
Got me thinking that I'm making cash, checks

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