Disco 'Along Came Joyner' (2015) al que pertenece la canción 'WWJD'


WWJD Letra

I've never been a gang banger with street killas
If I protect myself, I'll be favoring all these niggas and
I bought my first gun from my homie who tried to sell it
A 9 with a couple bullets, just eyes when I'm out here looking
Trying to find a job to survive so I stop tossing
Hop inside the whip and then drive cause I walk often
Stressing like a bitch, cause I'm tired of my Mom's apartment
I'm Satan in God's office that's.. (alright hold up.)

Shovels to my gravestone, kicking dirt on my coffin
Broke bitches with their hand out, cause they heard I was balling
Fuck me so good, went to sleep, woke in the morning
Six niggas in my face, Guns drawn with no warning
Pistol whip, stomped me and left me like I was dead
I had murder on my conscience, I was plotting on revenge
Circling the block like I know what I need to do
Before I cock the fucking hammer I said what would Jesus do...

Because Christ is not only leader
He was teacher
But not just leader and teacher
He was Christ the redeemer
Christ the restorer
Christ the deliverer

Hate's the only motivation, that's how real we made it
Guilty by association, you affiliated
Smoking Newports while I'm riding the Willie Mays
Watch you niggas turn bitch, there's nothing more humiliating
I wonder what my life be like, if I ain't had no hobby
Probably dancing with the Devil, moving like a Jabbawockeez
I just want change, wonder how much that'll cost me
I don't think I have a heartbeat I'm just.. (alright fuck it)

Tempest keep raging my mind, don't ever sleep
See my cousin in the cold, gave him a ride up the street
Blue flashing lights, pulled behind me it's the police
So my cousin reached in his jeans, threw the burner under my seat
They pulled us out the car, got charged with a loaded 9
Cause he told the boys it was mine, I was facing a 5-9
My Mama sold the car, bailed out in a week or two
Before I caught that nigga slipping, I said what would Jesus do...

Not that Jesus is God
Because Jesus never told you to worship Him
He told you to follow Him
And you see, Pastor, when we praise Jesus
He's worthy to be praised, we feel good don't we
But not enough, follow Him

Rappers on TV with jewels, we idolize them
Picturing myself on the news and paparazzi
Bunch of grimy thoughts, niggas never had no conscience
I've been looking for a jux, being broke is not an option
I've never been violent, I'm shaking just being honest
Especially when my girl ain't working and we was starving
Argue every minute, fighting in a small apartment
She tripping just non-stop and I'm like.. (shh bitch I got to go)

Looking for some pussy to fuck just for one night
Get some anger out my chest and bust until I'm right
Met this shorty at the bar, she was working for some tips
Took me back to her crib and I was nervous as a bitch
Her husband came home and he was lurking in the crib
While I was jerking in his bitch, he grabbed the burner out the 6
Bursting in the room, cocked it back, from me to you wait
Before you pull that trigger think of what would Jesus...

(Gun shots and screams)
You're going to feel, the presence, of God
(Gun shots and screams)

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