Fuck You

YG ft. Jeezy


Fuck You Letra

Dj Drama

Fuck it
I done seen it all with these two eyes
Hoes dogs like blue eyes, I mean blue nose
Who she fucking on who knows
Baby mamas I don't do those
Condoms got to use those
Cause they be acting like pinche putos
You a bitch nigga and you know you a bitch
When you get told by a bitch nigga
These a thousand dollar pair of shoes
And you gone step on em, nigga Fuck You!
Everytime my bitch come around you
Try to talk her on the low how could I trust you
Ok, niggas ain't loyal, niggas ain't loyal
Bad like milk niggas will spoil
Picture me rollin like 2Pac
Off two pills I popped, nigga Fuck You!

These a thousand dollar pair of shoes
And you gone step on em, nigga Fuck You!
They keep bringing bottles to my tables
I see you niggas hating, nigga Fuck You!

I think they mad cause I'm in my zone
Plus I got that rollie on, nigga Fuck You!
I got a hundred bitches at my table
I see you niggas hating, nigga Fuck You!

Think I ain't with the shit, Know you got me fucked up
Don't be coming at me wrong, That'll get you fucked up
True to the game don't judge a book by it's cover
And don't you ever, never, ever mistake a G for a sucker
Nigga fuck you and everybody who like your bitch ass
Send them through in the chevy DT snipe your bitch ass
From the back of the back in the ? got damn
Go dougie on the pussy, thats right killa cam
Niggas don't run shit but their motherfucking mouth
If I had a dollar for the hate I'd buy a billion dollar house
Got that .40 on deck keep it with me like a spouse
I don't even mind smoke a nigga like a house
5 in the morning going hard in the kitchen
T doing three my god niggas snitchin'
I'm a speak my mind yeah you know how I do
So really bitch nigga Fuck You!

Fuck you
Giuseppe with them straight legs
And them Ray Bands I see you niggas hating
I know you niggas plotting
But I ain't even tripping
Cause I know my niggas popping
The club or the mall it don't matter I'm a cash out
On my GPS all I see is cash routes
In the whip don't make me pop the stash out
I cock back like nigga Fuck You!