4Hunnid Degreez - Too Short

Too Short

YG ft. Vell


Too Short Letra

I used to have a lot of bitches straight down for me
Doing anything I said even ho in the streets

Daytime shift
He a record(?) nigga he gon' learn quick
Can't see behind the tints(?)
When I'm riding down the blade
Tryna knock a nigga bitch
I ain't playing with no bitch man
Says she got a nigga but he bitch made
But I'mma show her how to get paid
To the shop get some photos of the bitch made

Too $hort I got game for a bitch
Hoes come every time I hit the strip
(Bitch)I let 'em know it ain't shit
When I'm riding down the blade
Tryna knock a nigga bitch

Too short I got game for a bitch
Smart car I get brain in the whip
She suck me like I got a lemonade on my dick
Young Kunta Kinte, I got chains and whips
I'm in the bay getting paper, riding in the scraper
Don't ask no questions, I ain't doing no favors
Bitch, I go hard on the ho
You can get punched off and go hard on the row
Talking that shit, I'm like bitch shut up
Ever love a bitch, I'm like nigga never
Uhh, and these niggas bitch made
I been fucking bitches since the sixth grade
I'm just tryna get paid, sharper than a switchblade
Freshass fade with the brand new J's
I pop a nigga quick and knock a nigga bitch
No hands in that pussy on my Waka Flocka shit, ooh

My bitch goin' x4
Too $hort taught I had to get the cash for me
Let me knock your bottom bitch now she(now she) selling laps for me


Time to get the bitch going
Started off showing now the bitch hoeing
On the iPad had to get the ad out
Backpage, get the rip(?), post it
She a five star bitch now
Prime-time, knocking four or five chicks now
Pussy niggas tryna knock a nigga bitch down
Let me show 'em how I get down

But I'm a dog and I dog my broads
Gorilla pimping, driving four door cars