You Betta Kno

YG ft. Jeezy


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Ay, You don't even know it
I'm on this bitch
And you don't even know it haha
Lets do this shit my nigga

Say I come on in like Edgar Allen Poe (why?) Cause I'm a poet
Put Steve Jobs cars through the hood (what you call that?) heroic
They bossin' up in the Vatican and the Catholics got a new pope
So I'm bossin' up on this 'You Ain't Know' so I guess the streets got hope
Cause I go holy off in this bitch, lost my Rolly off in this bitch
Yeah they let me in, they ain't pat me down cause they known all in this bitch
Swear that arm and hammer and water on my apron on and sauté it
Turn that gas stove on me homie I know the recipe I flambé it
Try who? Bitch please, I squeeze this bitch when I sneeze (achoo)
Low key condo kilograms on the table looking better than Ferrari keys
Cause I'm the truth, and y'all know it, and if you don't you betta ask somebody
You know I fall up in here with them Louboutins on lookin like I just waxed somebody
You ain't know it!

This a 40,000 dollar watch, you betta know it
That's a 36 half a block and you betta know it
It's a quarter million dollar chain and you betta know it
Drop five-fifty on these frames and you betta know it (Versace nigga)
We pop the pistol like champagne, you betta know it
Order a hundred bottles and we camping, you betta know it
Got a hundred niggas saying the same thing, you betta know it
Swear I ball so hard pull a hamstring, you betta know it

Jeezy, that's my nigga, you betta know it
There's a couple bitches I love but I'm too busy, can't even show it
Brought the little homie he's strapped, when he with me he betta hold it
Told him don't play, he betta use it if he show it
Yeah my album finna drop, guaranteed I'm gon' pop
Gon' pop like a shooter on sherm with a Glock
Got a bop and a drop, give me head on top
In a white linen suit gettin fed on yachts
God damn I'm hot, nigga you don't even know it
Bust a nut in ten minutes, I couldn't even focus
Miley Cyrus you bad girl you betta know it
Bout to turn 21 and you don't even know I do that
Bout to get a billi and I'm bout to get a Rolls
If you come to the club then I'm bout to get your ho
I'm looking at my wrist like I'm bout to get it froze
Thirty K for the Rolly, that's about two shows
Call my nigga beats and I book that shit
If this was back in the day I woulda took that shit
This my time I see it, you, I wouldn't wanna be it


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