Young Thug

But I Want

Young Thug


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I done grinded, I done grind, I wasted time, I've been to jail
I been to hell, did everything that I want
My baby mommy stopped beefin' about me
I can't help all of y'all, I want millions and everything that I want
My OGs that believe in me and and achieve with me
Oh yea, everything that I want
Everything, but I want, everything that I want

Ha, you gon' miss this purse, you gone be best friends
All your doin' is flexin', give me my necklace
Who the fuck you textin'
When I met you, you was nothin', you was nobody nexts
You was nobody prizes, now you a contestant
And you a lil messy
But I'mma clean it up for you
You think I'm slow so I'm gon' speed it up for you
I'mma put on my homie, he gone beat it up for you
(?) I'm gone fuck your cat outta you
Why not your shit they can miss with my 2 hey
Bitch thinkin' I'm blue, really I'm red
I freestyle every time, how I do that?
Just get on the back of this beat like you got paid

I believe I can (?) and then cut your lights
Young TI, you can have whatever you like
Yeah, we on the plane so we can take our flight
Let's travel to LA so we can take a hike
But if she screaming I'm feelin' like Ike
And yea I got them yopsters so you should fright
Unless it's Fri-day the thirteenth
Thousand dollar links, winter time minks
Lean for the drinks, you can't even think
Money run just like a lake, better yet a sink
Baby, use your brain, better yet think
Now, bend over and let me hit you on this plane


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