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Really, really, really babe
I'm stacking chips, chips
Hundred thousand dollars on it, cool
The way I pull up on 'em, they really could sue
I might just make the news
The way a nigga doubting, how the hell these niggas robbing and get killed for riding
How the hell these niggas cappin' and get killed when clapping
Baby girl I want that camel-toe just like Aladdin
Baby girl I want that camel-toe just like Aladdin

I wanna see it, I really wan' be it
Her head dumber than a spare Pyrex on a kiosk
Yeah, a hundred bands in that one lick
Snake life, don't tread, left that bitch for dead
Drag yourself to the back row, whole row's a party
Thugga-thugga ran it up from the back page
Nigga, I don't use pistols but I'm having lead
You get shot down in the street like the fucking rain
All my pints are double sealed of a fucking real
Count a million doing deals with no fucking deal
I done took over my city, still love it still
Pussy wet-wet, I'mma dive in like a pool

Cameltoe, cameltoe, baby girl bring me the cameltoe
We not the same I'm an animal, please put me where the piranhas go
Five thousand dollar for my shoes, I'm standing on couches, no manners though
We too turnt up, we drinking out the cantaloupe riding on banana boats
Jumped into bed with this bitch and I put my fingers where the panties go
Sucked my cucumber then nut in her mouth
Now she looking sour like I'm in it though
Panoramic, just might pull up on Young Thugga like here you go bro
I got more snow than the cold, expensive toe rings on my toes
Let 'em out of jail, let 'em out of jail, please let 'em out of jail
If you don't thugga gonna call up Lil Hell
Lord knows I ain't trying to go back to jail

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