Young Thug

First Of All

Young Thug


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Goose Wit Another One
Goose got another one!

First of all
Two step with a rich nigga
You don't wanna wake up with a bitch nigga
I'm the solution like Vicks nigga
If she thirsty pour four up in quintz with her
Bitch I got more wood than a tree
And I'm silent no street
Pay you when I can be
Slightly water slow leaks
No STD but I run my ward
Where were you when I was horny
I made these bitches suck my woadie
You shouldn't got that dick hard, hoe you started it
See through suits, so I'm looking at that pussy
And that ass too ya
Ain't been asleep but I'm slopping on that pussy
And my mans too ya
I'm sitting on the block what you want lil pussy
Whatchu want, whatchu want, whatchu want?
I remember all a nigga ever wanted was a milli
Now I don't, I don't, I don't

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