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Young Thug ft. Johnny Cinco y Yakki


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Never drove nothing with a plastic plate
Eating good every day, shrimp and steak
Balling hard like the La'
Add the -kers
Yo hoe we dive in her
Foreign, Foreign
All of my bitches
Foreign Foreign
All of my partners
Foreign, Foreign
All of they bitches
Foreign, Foreign

Okay, Young Thug is here
What was y'all saying?
Might sign for 1.5 no thinking
15 hoes got the spot get to bangin'
But i made them ho leave the bando cause they was standing
I'm dead fresh, your shoes are brown, nino
Made her mine and turned her to a Subzero
I need some Xan, blunt chairs, Jingo
Even ask 'em bout the flow, baby he know
You can even ask your ho about it, uh
Matter fact, don't ask no ho about it, uh
And we in this bitch
And if a nigga play we gon' end this bitch

Foreign bitches and loot, all the things that I live for
Paid for all of them coupes, what the fuck you think we was here for
A gift for 3 hoes on the speed boat, flip mode
And I got molly with me, you need to chill ho
I got some homeboys rocking Louie V, and they still broke
I know some big dogs, that got big cake cause they deal coke
And I'm a young cat I got big cake and its still growing
What a mil for? I'm up there in my (?) ho
And my bitch stay foreign just take a look
And my plug stay foreign, relationships
And I'm like Thugga what it do my nigga?
Hold up, I can beat them niggas

Givin' out free bags just like FEMA
Old ho look like Trina
Plus my new ho look like heina
Ay Thugga, yo red hot heaters
Say my words with no subpoena
Had (?)
My whip renamed Baeena (?)
New ho she loves Katrina
All iced (?)
Y'all call it that camp
In my hood we say gasolina
Im Migos for those kilos
And I break it down for my people
And they putting on and I'm putting on
We all bosses we equals
My new whip
Foreign Foreign
We running them big (?)
Four Arms Four Arms
(?) we overseas
Tourin' Tourin'
And my bank account, bonjour, bonjour

[Hook: Young Thug]

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