Young Thug


Iowa Letra

Yeah, Yeah

First off I'mma come by myself
Then I'm gon' climb in ya like steps
I'mma champ where the heck is my belt
I'mma swim in it like Michael Phelps
Yeah she cold like ice, I might melt
I'm a lil bit fiesty myself and
She cook for my like she a chef
She say don't play cards like she dealt

She a..
Iowa Iowa Iowa
Hey I'm like baby don't leave me
I beg for you on the front street
Baby if you can't stay with me baby
I swear I'm coming to Iowa Iowa Iowa
Iowa Iowa Iowa
Hey baby you can't leave me now
You can't mistreat me now
I am too deep in now, in Iowa

I drank a pint and half in a day and I swear
That ain't no trouble, I don't want no trouble
Ain't no way yeah
Thug, turn up
Spend a hundred thousand dollars on pot
We marrying in India
I want that cheddar, milk
These niggas ain't see my rough
These niggas ain't see my hood-ood-ood
Never forget us, I want that clarity baby I spend a million
TMZ ballin' they wanna know how I live
I fucked up and make you look like
Ok I'm sorry bro, bring me to Iowa

Iowa, Iowa Iowa
To Iowa, Iowa
Iowa, Iowa Iowa
Iowa, Iowa Iowa
Iowa, aye, Iowa Iowa
Iowa, Iowa Iowa (Trips)
Iowa, Iowa Iowa (Takin' trips)
Iowa, Iowa Iowa (Me and my bitch)
Iowa (Bossed up, you know what I'm sayin')

B-O on the track
Got us sellin' crack
Meanwhile servin' crack
Box ya like Jack
Helicopter pad, undred thousand squares
Back pockets fat like a strippers bitch ass
I just bought some land to bury his bitch ass
Smokin' on that trash (Smokin' kushy kushy)
Floodin' her with trash (Racks racks racks)
Come and try me
Trial I'mma beat
Put him on his feet, now he signing
I'mma put you on some progress
Old hundred dollar bills, they the oldest
Bitch still jumpin' round she on her toe, shit
Bank long like Pinocchi nose bitch
I need me a mill like Meek
I been dropping eights all day
You a turtle when it comes to this race
If you scared, to go to church like Mase
[?] can you pass the light over here?
Baby you can snapshot when I'm in it
I like my bitch brown like a bear
Thugger baby ya
Take me to Iowa, my bitch a Iowa