Young Thug

I Swear To God

Young Thug


I Swear To God Letra

Sneer attention, tangier fo' this bitch
You ever play with her, I'ma come with that cannon for this bitch
I bought her red bottoms, look how she's stuntin' on this bitch
I ain't DJ Drama but I got that cannon for this bitch

And I'm ready to spray, spray, spray, spray
I said I'm ready to spray it
On God I'll spray it
I swear to God I'll spray it
I swear to God, I swear to God, I swear to God, I swear to God

Know she got me high
She look like Nicki Minaj
Her body ain't got no scars
I swear she ridin' round that bick
Ridin' on that, grindin' on that dick
She pullin' on a nigga's skin, woah
She told me this shit straight up like a pole
Cookin' with no clothes
I'm drinkin' Actavis, I'm drinking Act
Bad pussy, she on that
She want me to cover her face just like a wrap
She work for FADER, her old boyfriend rap
Met her in 901
Got a whole lot of guns, gon' pull up on a nigga like
What the fuck a nigga doin'?
Free Unfunk, live from the fuckin' zoo
Catch a nigga's bitch playin' Na na na-boo
I just want me a new coupe with no roof
I don't wanna talk, I'm so ready to prove
To you that you're

And I'm ready for war and I hope you're ready for war
I hope she's ready to see spaghetti
I know that you're ready, I swear I hope that you're ready
I hope you're ready

Man I'm pullin' up with this shit
Mama mia, I need quesadillas, I'm here
Nigga pull up like you a [?], check out the Kia
Takin' ice, game end up at Remy, keep her hair did, never finish
Bitches envy
How many times I have to tell you they ain't your friends?
Believe it or not, they wanna be in your position
Fill up on woah
Buy me a big old piece of weed
Pour a four, now I can't go to sleep
Thuggin' in these streets, if I'm lyin', I'm flyin'


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