Young Thug

J.B.S Freestyle

Young Thug


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Okay, I make em cry like
Nah, matter of fact, I make em die like
Remember when we used to jump on niggas like trampolines
The hoes say I'm mean and my favorite color green but um
I got weight, call me Big Peaches
Good money, call me Big Meech
I got the cream, tryna get these peaches
I told em imma make it, and they didn't believe it but um
I fuck with YC
I get the pack in
And ship it to the streets
I let the niggas have it
I let the bitches bag it
I throw it in the air
And watch the bitches grab it
And nigga stop laughin
Laughin is for rabbits
And I am not Lou
But you can get the magnet
And no, not one
You can get the basket
And no I'm not Grady, but I can work the magic
Ya digg?
And these niggas flexin
Tell em 'stop the flexin'
I am not a rapper, nigga, imma street legend
I fuck with Rufus
The Benz Coup is roofless
Call me Shawty Lo cause the boy is foolish
I am stupid
This is a movie
12 colors on the car, call me fruity
I am a boss
And catch it like Moss
6's on the vessel so, yeah you still lost
Motherfuck the law
And fuck what they saw
But these niggas backwards
Like a craw, fish
Give me my dish with the crab legs hanging off the side of it, shit
I am the shit, you aren't shit
Call me Gucci Mane, bitch, I am a lick
Bricks, my watch is a brick
My ring is a brick
I'm blinging and they didn't hit the switch
Like how I switch, it, up
My flow is sick, and I didn't hit the cup

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