Young Thug

Mouv' Freestyle

Young Thug


Mouv' Freestyle Letra

I wanna know, I wanna know

I wanna know how you got here
I wanna know who let you in
Baby girl come on, baby girl come on get in, Thugga
Bentley the coupe, and young nigga gonna fluke
And these bitches gon choose on him
Bentley the coupe, and young nigga gonna loof
And these bitches gon choose, and you know I got proof
Agh, I fucked yo main girl bitch you know I got proof
Agh, I iced out my rings if I have on my shoes
I spent that house on my neck, I spent houses on necklace
I spent house on yo bitch then I let her suck on a lil neck, yeah
I'm the truth in this muh'fuckin' booth man I know I'm the best
Yeaaah, yeahhhh
Ay, ay, yeah, haha, party
I'ma have a party wit em', I'ma have a party wit em'
Oh, they have lil shawty wit her, tell her baby come ball wit me
We gon ball like Spalding, yeah, fuck a phone we ain't callin'
We gon ball like Spalding, yeah, fuck a phone I ain't callin', yeah
But, if she call I might answer, yeah, I like, I like dancers
No clothes on that bitch, I swear to God she look handsome, woah
Diamonds big like a pinto, woah
Standin' out door smoking indo, woah
I'ma beast I'ma beast, when rappers run and they peak
YSL we gon, till we D.I.E
I'm in Paris smokin' muh'fuckin' trees
Lil lady right there can't see, she's surprised
Look up, YSL there's an angel in the sky
Oh, baby come on let me *slurps*
Baby come on let me, then dip
Get up out my spot bitch, old lady on her way in like five minutes
Nigga try it, brap brap, nigga die here
Ambulance come and get him off the ground
He got shot down like a clown
Different colors on my watches I'm a clown
Who the fuck do you think this is?
When the nigga to I wanna meet her, I wanna beat'em
I don't ever want mistreat him
Bring your wife baby girl, I wanna eat her

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