Young Thug


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Oh, reallyyy?
Oh, really? Yeah

I'm scared to break the top
I'm scared to make a mess
Because I'm watched by the cops
I'm scared to count my blessings
Because I'm being watched by my opps
But fuck it Lethal Weapon let it rain from up the top, of the drop
To his scalp, now he out like a light
Every nigga with me Slime and Shyste
Stay on the PJ, but I don't sight-see
Somebody tell Oprah I wanna wifey

Lil, lil, lil ,lil mama tryna fight me
I got slatt engraded in my Nikes
Oh you caught a body? Don't excite me
All my niggas murderers and Chinese
Running from the opps in a god damn Rolls
I just cooked an opp on a god damn stove
Shot up the whole block, and I robbed all they stores
Slime do you got cops, nigga 20 10-4
Robbed him for his dank, in his car and gas tank
I'mma rob that bank

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