Young Thug

Rap Monument

Young Thug


Rap Monument Letra

Y'all got me (fucked up)

Now ive been red since i look like Robin Hood
They been hating on me cuttin my cable cords
They gon hate on her when she come Michael Kors
Meanwhile you bitch in his 'lac grippin' his wood
I want ya
She want to grab for me for my jewels, I told her
She knows she can't have me now she love my woadie
She wanna buy him a chinchilla
She see you're serving foreign country boys from the village
Always I gotta stand her
No, she dont want nobody to eat but her
She be like fuck them digits, stack them digits
Complement this Findi fit
Condiments no cinnamon though
She ride three deep with molly in the middle
Put Mickey Thompsons all on my jeep
Ain't got no handprints on my doors they all on my seat
10 thousand dollar toe ring, featured by E!
Time out
They be fucking me so good I be like time out
They want to fuck me 'til I tell them all the time out
Meanwhile she stroke it I can't coach it, I'm like time out
I'm not no snitch but I be tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em
I'm so tired of tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em, tellin 'em
Now 'ma show 'em
Her poesy beat me by three I call her Reggie Miller
She roll my weed in giant 'gars she tall like 'zilla
I want ya
Baby don't you work me you know I wanna
She down with slime, she got her tights up in that new condo
Thugger getting high in London
Bitches walking around naked no pajamas
Lil homie red, dog, fellat' this lumber
For that I'ma fuck ya aunt, ya sis, ya mama
We pop a bean together
She wanna feel just like I feel, we growing wings together
Everything perfect about her, can't get my theme together
I turn her up and we then shit on earthlings together
Get girls like Mykko Montana
(?) I got stamina
I'm geeked on the Hannah Montana-nana
I bury these hoes like sandals
I kill everyone of my features
I spend all my money on beepers
My pockets on yellow pages, just like a beeper

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