Young Thug

The Teachers

Young Thug ft. Gunna


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Man, nowadays, like...
Wheezy Beats
I don't even wanna see the victory, na'm sayin'?
I don't even wanna see the... the records I broke, na'm sayin'?
Nevermind that, you na'm sayin'?
'Cause when you see it, you na'm sayin'?
The moment you see it...
You start taking heat for it...
And you slow your roll, you na'm sayin'?
I don't ever wanna slow my roll, I wanna always feel like I didn't break the records, you na'm sayin'?
So I can keep breaking records...
Udigg that?

Ashin' blunts inside my Grammys (uh)
Porsche [?] nigga whip it panoramic
Clothes neat, shoes tied, like I'm 'bout to run it
Concierge tryna get me sent up off the planet
Trick or Treat like a lil old boy
Chop off the top and I leave it down
You riding with me, truth or dare?
Pull off in a foreign coupe-coupe-coupe
Cash on delivery, whoop-whoop-whoop
You told me that you living, but me too
Cash talk always, runnin' through the hallways
Chasin' money always, answer, never call back
All my niggas racked up, all my bitches bad, yeah
If he playin', mask up, gon' shoot 'em up-up, hey
My momma a black panther just like Cam Newton
I pray to the Lord then I start shootin'
I get thrax for my soul but they gotta prove it
Eeny-meeny-miny-moe, nigga lets' do it
Gon' and get it off your chest
Get some more clips and get a vest
Get around your bitch and give her Shoot 'em in his flesh and watch him rest
Catch your bitch and Catch your bitch and watch his bitch Drain the babies, baby better not flush
Icey, who want it with us?
Three hundred twelve thousand for a Bentley truck
Another fifty just to pipe the system up
A hundred eighty thousand for the Patek
Everybody whippin', Super Mario
Everybody livin', ain't no Everybody really gettin' they own dough
Everybody whippin' up they own coke
Everybody subscribing they own folks
Everybody know, you say you don't know
Everybody bitches getting lipo
Everybody livin' to the fullest
All these hoes are stallions like they broncos

Bronco, bronco, bronco, Gunna
My momma a black panther just like Thugga momma too
I know you wanna fuck me baby, gon' and tell the truth
They thought it was a game till I started bustin' out the roof
[?] when I ride through
I done been through so much, I been lied to
I wouldn't tell you go do something I wouldn't do
[?] I can't go by the rules
They just made a law I couldn't abide to
I wouldn't go out sad even if I tried to
Lately I been eatin' steak and not no fast food
You been sellin' music off of iTunes
Fuck who askin', everything new
Said we goin' up and bro, it's times two
I just tell security 'Let them dimes through'
You know we fuck these bitches all around the city
We fuck 'em by the two, we ménagin' it
Put her on a jet, I let her fly with me
Told them bitches 'Come on, spend some time with me'
Private Leers takin' off, the lean spillin'
Man I need to wake up, think I'm still dreamin'
They callin' for these pints, these niggas still fiendin'
Holdin' on, protect me from the real demons
Had a party, was so crazy, cleaners still cleanin'
Smashin' in them Beamers nigga, wheely beamin'
I just made some friends that like to eat the semen
Told my niggas that I'm done, ain't fuckin' with the pieces
Hit a nigga block and leave 'em rest in pieces
I tried to tell 'em listen nigga, we them teachers

We the teachers

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