Young Thug

Tragic Freestyle

Young Thug


Supah Mario
I just wanna be me, can I?
Okay, listen to it

Tragic, all my niggas robbin', baskin'
Action, cameras, lights, dancin'
Actually I'm so clean I should be in someone's casket
My money not average
Pull up on your daughter in the Aston on Davins
Migos right behind me and they dippin' and dabbin'
I just pour the 8 inside of cranberry raspberry
Guwop put me onto that, yeah, free him to be exact
I just seen my priest, I got some B's on me like Da Brat
Toe jam massacre, shoot up out the Cadillac
All we know is abstract
Yellow diamonds on me, bitches screamin' 'Where the cab at?'
Hopped up in that bitch and told them 'Take me where the Ave at'
Call 'em hyenas, cuz the pussy niggas laughin'
Twelve took my gun, so i might just gon' and stab that
Money so tall like a muh'fucking giraffe neck
We party hard, where the fuck is RiFF RAFF at?

Oh my God we party motherfuckin animals, you know what I'm sayin'?
Aye somebody call RiFF RAFFF and tell him to bring me some muh'fuckin molly
I just want to get geeked out tonight, you know what I'm sayin'
I wanna smoke me some backwoods with that good-good
Scooter on the way to serve me a bag too, I swear to God
No cap

No cap, no Jeff (aye)
These niggas flexin, they don't got no cap left (aye)
I got some marble floors they heat up on the steps (hey)
And imma ball to my very last breath (hey, heyy)
A hundred thousand on some shoes, watch your step (hey)
I don't wear Nike's but I'm gon do it to death (oh hey)
She'll never say no, yeah yeah (hey hey)

Mitsubishi with a lot of chickens (skrt skrt skrt)
That ass fat, she get all the whippings
A nigga play with YSL they get a lot of fullies (slime)
I spent five hundred thousand on some YSL hoodies (woo)
And they only for the faculty (what)
Bitch I got it bad, I'm not average
Mix that actavis with green, nigga pretty please
Turn the tide, nigga lean, nigga leanie lean
And I know its just a dream, it's a bigger league
Bit back up and I'm so clean, John F. Kennedy
Ten thousand dollars on a mirror cause its [?] (what?)
I just gotta him in the pen, now he's small again
I'm never sorry that I smoked him, hope he die again
I gave my clothes to a junkie when my trial end
I been fresh and I will never never need a stylist
I kick that pussy bitch out, wildin'

Udigg what I just said?
Udigg what I just said man?
I don't think they digg what I said, you know?
They simple minded, so I know they don't digg
I know they don't understand what I'm sayin', so
I said I kicked a bitch out, wildin', hah!

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah (Thugger Thugger)
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Thugger, beast, nigga

Beast mode, that cheat code
530 keep those
How the fuck you let me doze off and where'd the freaks go?
She said she kicked them bitches out, they tryna leach, woah
I'm like 'What the fuck's the difference? Bitch you leach more'
Credit card, bitch I'm slime like D'bo
I told him keep his eye on her she's a creep hoe
She know if I ever pour it up it's at least fo'
I'm like monkey hoe, bitch freeze tho
Moari gators with a linen suit
Hunnid racks inside it, imma show you what them skinners do
Run up trynna take it imma show you what the semi do
I just wanted to nut, baby girl I'm never feelin' you
No I'm never feelin' you
Waitin' on you to get wrong, so lil Dolly can come drillin' you
If you got them racks, baby girl you know I'm feelin' you
You got some appeal in you, and you lost your ceiling too
Big dinosaur B, baby girl I'm billin' you

Let that motherfucker breath, you know?
This is YSL
This is who you love
This is who you need

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