Young Thug

Where You Going

Young Thug ft. Blac Youngsta y Davido


Where You Going Letra

In the air right now

Pumas on, courtside (where you at)
Courtside, courtside, I'm ballin' while your on courtside
I'ma change lil mama them Ford cars
No Dat, yeah they know that
Baby I've been ridin with myself baby
If she can't get it she gone throw a fucking fit
She might just Your royalty she take her everything and everywhere
Popping lil things ain't a [?] in there
She stand still and walk around the facility whenever
[?], whats your

Out the motherfuckin' gutter
Tell me what you doin'
Shawty are you serious?
They gone kill you with your motherfuckin' son
Tell em where you goin'
You can be the host, I'mma fuck a lot of shows
In the Ghost
Baby, tell em where you going

You pretty like a flower when you smiled at me
And went from, they doubted me
Hate me behind my back, but in front of me smile to me
If I join your Illuminati baby would you die for me
Big bag would you sacrifice your whole life for me
I got niggas in the penitentiary doin' life for me
Rest In Peace to all my niggas doin' life for me
Can't be fucking all of these bitches, cause they trifling
Can't be trusting all of these niggas cause they shiesty
I got shot three times, ain't dyin', ain't no fuck with me
If they give me life sentence, bae would you writin' me
Fuckin' with me from the beginning baby
If you want me, can you see me, it's because of me

I fly these bitches out, but they don't be one of me

Sendin' me texts, I don't wanna read

Talk about making a change, I wanna see

If these niggas ever try me, I'mma stop their green

My lil niggas right behind me, they gone die for me
They amazed by my diamonds, look at that ice on me