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I go fed I got bars
Viagra go hard
When I said I'm going federal
Niggas thought I caught a charge
Money long extra large
Like a game of tunk play your cards
Weed smell like a fart
Bread Gang I'm the sarg
I just smashed some twins
But thought they was one
I couldn't tell them apart
Came in the crib sent her straight to the back
Treated her like Rosa Parks
Ra-ta-tat-tat-tat-tat them choppers gone spark you
Relations I'm not really with that
Like a Dodge car I just want to charge you
I got bars like the school bus
Nigga try me then my crew buss
Like the Mata or a nut nigga
Like a phone call you get hit up nigga
Flow crazy disabled
They watching me like I'm cable
They like damn is he cheating cause he can't lose
Selling O's no bagel
Swag doper than a [?] of coke
You'd probably swear that I'm dealing
Wrist froze, Neck cold
Ain't talking bout kicking it when I say I'm chilling
Yeah I'm talking bout' money when I say I'm getting it
Problems, no I ain't never worried
Restaurant where they at nigga come and get you one like a Penny jersey
Clean as hell like they washed me with detergent
Shoes and belt match a nigga shirt
I keep than drank my lil bitch a nurse
You can smell the lean when a nigga burp
I was getting it in on the 15th and 1st
Stuffing dope in my bitch Selene purse
Now it cost for a 16 verse
Walk in the club without getting searched
From nothing to something mane
Ooh it feel good , Ooh it feel good
Everywhere I'm what they bumping mane
Transmission , I'm in your hood
They lock me up I quickly make bond
Lil paper wasn't shit to a don
Making way for my daughters and my sons
I'm in the booth right now with my bums
She want to see me jammed like a high point gun
Constantly rolling up like fuck these lungs
Back and forth in a foreign ping pong
Say you serving but your phone ain't rung
Mane I'm high as a motherfucker
Need some just to lean on
Jewelry looking like I sprayed oil sheen on

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