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Moneybagg Yo


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Lotta speculation going on
Wanna know who I'm signed to
I don't know homie not you
Just know I'm blessed hachoo
And I'm hotter than a takis
All these bands in my pocket
All four fuck a wallet
We don't fuck with safe deposits
When ya turnt up, when ya status up
You gotta move like the President
Niggas and bitches doing all this talkin', man
When they really irrelevant
I just put ice in my necklace
Ice in my Actavis
Ice in my dog collar
When I'm walkin' round with my lil' hittas
They callin' me Godfather
Really don't be stuntin' that shit
When shawty be talkin' bout she mad at me
I give her dick when I'm on the pill
Then she forget she was mad at me
And my kush got grey hair for real
I be smoking that grand-daddy
Handy man with that tool
Look like somebody grand-pappy
Mane they like “who is that?” “Where he come from?”
“Damn he just popped up”
When I said that I'm going Federal Reloaded
They taught I got locked up
They taught I got slammed
They taught I got jammed
They taught I got boxed up
Shout out to my niggas locked up
But we still gettin' em in blocked up
I done went 2 Federal
I done want 2 of everythang
That's why I rock 2 bezels
I done went too crazy
I don't want nothing single
That's why I want two ladies
Nothing personal I just fuck with a few people
And ride with 2 heaters
Hell nah you can't get in this car
This joint here for 2 people

Yeah, when I say I'm going Federal Reloaded
Like I'm going back in, back in, back in nigga

I'm at it again
I'm back in a Benz
They taught I was gone tho
Ridin' clean, but I'm ridin' dirty
Plenty narcotics in the console
I'm the air, I'm everywhere
Money on the cellular
Say you want a whole thang?
Okay, straight up like Alfalfa's hair
Pussy good when I'm fucking on shawty
I came, and we back at it again
Head serious, I'm talkin' real serious
She'll get ya hard and then suck off your skin
I'm back fuckin with the streets, you know how that be
Mama like don't get back on that bullshit
I know you want the best for me mama
I hustle hard so we can buy what we wanna
About to pull the presidential Obama
Cop a coup and then cop it again
Cop a benz and then cop it again
Cops so mad, like he at it again
I'm at it again, like a replay
I'm at it again, like a relapse
I'm at it again, like a replay
I'm at it again, like a relapse
I'm reloaded like I just put 32 in the clip
You see how it poke out
I'm still hood at my folk's house
Sunday dinner at the cookout
Neck and wrist hella iced out
You'll still see me with the lights out
I'll never change cuz it ain't me
Got drank stains on my white tee
It say real nigga on my ID
I'm the same nigga on my IG
My bitch a trophy, I'm rocking dopeboy trophies
That chopper totting, money ain't even foldin'
What you is?
I'm reloaded

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