Who Run It

Who Run It

Moneybagg Yo


Who Run It Letra

These lil niggas really junior bacon cheeseburgers, lil beef

Who run this shit, not them
Like when Gates got out, I'm him
Ain't with the acting at all
Hundred round cartridge, shoot me a film
Got a lil bitch hardcore like Kim
Louboutins, blood walk like brim
Every since I got cash money
I ain't gotta say nothin' to 'em like Slim
You deflated need air or somethin'
In the back like the spare or somethin'
Told the bitch I don't care or somethin'
Fucked her sister, double dare or somethin'
Why you mad, we can share or somethin'
Keep the drum, we can share or somethin'
Twin dracos, Siamese
What you call em a pair or something
I'm rockin' water, Fiji
I'm on the yacht in some Yeezys
Speaking of Ye, I was selling that
I'm Mario, countin' Luigi (lit)
Twenty-eight grams of Juicy J
Border live, no over lay
Louis Wraith, Louis drapes
Open case, do the race
Who run it?
Pink and purple in my cup, I'm Lil Pump-in'
Trap jumpin' (like what, like what?)
Like some fingers, it's thumpin'
Who done it?
Pockets fat with bricks of hundreds, I'm Klump-in' (Sherman)
I run it
Headed to the top, like quickies I'm comin' (ugh ugh)
Talkin' 'bout quickies, I'm comin'
Ugh ugh, yeah
2 Heartless, 2 Heartless, two of 'em
Get hit for lookin' suspicious (watch how you look)
Diamonds wet, they gon' wash the dishes
Sittin' in the coupe with the missus, Whitney
If you bad you can fuck her with me
I'm taking chances, risks (risks)
Learn how to dance, my wrist did (Breezy)
I'm like the Memphis Kendrick (Lamar)
I was broke, now I'm a rich kid (look at my shoes, watch me plug walk)
This new freezer cost right here sixty (sixty K, shout out to Icebox)
AP ring and watch Jordan Pippen (duo)
And you know I run this shit, pockets keep me limpin'
2 Heartless, 2 Heartless, two of 'em, yeah

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