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I'D LOVE TO es una canción de Morrissey del año 1988, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Viva Hate.


'I'd Love To'

I lay awake
And I cried because of waste

I'd love to
(But only with you
Only with you)

Oh, time is gonna wipe us out
There, I've said it loud and clear
So that you will hear
There's no one in view
Just you
Just you
And time will never wipe you out

Now I've had enough
I've had more than could be
My rightful share
Of nights I can't bear
How can it be fair?
Time must wipe them out

So, again, I lay awake
In a trance
Oh, I just want my chance
But only with you
Only with you
That's all
That's all

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