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Rita My love

Katy Perry


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Rita, my love
I have always loved you since the day we met
Hugging smelling your beautiful hair
You're such a sweetheart, that the other Bloom guy
Dreams to be like
Now I am taken back to my roots
My sweet old guitar
Four Lovely Guitars
Great Guitars of Heart
Baby, I Need Your Guitars
Your Cheatin' Heart
A Song for Rita
Takin' the Heart Train
I Love You Rita
You were always the one in my head

Now let's talk about my real friends in the business
Nicki, Miley, Cleo, Mia are my girls the rest can't relate
That Cardi should shut her mouth before the catch me outside girl catches her
Now let's talk about guitars

There's A Good Reason Guitars Are Numbered, Rita
That Bloom guy has my heart now by Force
Nice Weather For Guitars
The Heart Where Your Heart Should Be
Truly Madly Lovely
Enter Rita
Ring of Heart
Bridge Over Lovely Guitars
Rita Broke My Heart At France
Whole Lotta Guitars
Independent Heart
Heart Fields Forever
Lovely Guitars Forever
Livin' on a Heart
Here Without Rita
Whole Lotta Lovely Guitars
Stairway to Heart
I Love in Your Arms
Late Night Heart
I plead Heart
Don't Eat Guitars Off The Sidewalk
Heart I Have Become
Let's Run Away to France and Swim With Guitars
Every Heart You Take
You Can't Love Through A Buffalo Herd
Lovely Heart O' Mine
The Homecoming Queen's Got A Heart
(I Can't Get No) Lovely Guitars
Can't Take My Guitars Off You
Welcome to Lovely France
Good Heart
Early Morning Love
At Least Give Me My Guitars Back, You Negligent Heart!
This Is A Sight We Had One Day From Lovely France
They Are Night Guitars! They Have Come Back From France!! Ahhhh!
My Heart Sounds Better With You
Sweet Heart O' Mine
We Shall Love
Many Pieces Of Large Fuzzy Guitars Gathered Together At France And Grooving On A Heart
A Lot Of People Tell Me I Have A Fake Heart
Stand by Your Guitars
Free Heart
Smells Like Lovely Guitars
Guitars Sound Better With You
Hey Rita
France is Your Land
Ghost in My Heart
Stairway to Guitars
Early Morning Heart
Amazing Rita
Rita's Waiting
Straight Outta France
Stand by Your Heart
My Name is Rita
Smack My Heart Up
You've Lost That Lovely Heart
She Thinks Heart's Sexy
You've Lost That Lovely Feeling
Heart Boogie
Careful With That Heart
Look Rita, are you going to Love With Me or Not?
Where Have All the Guitars Gone?
My Heart Wants To Kill Your Mama
Heart Autopsy
In Heart We Trust
Born Lovely
Heart Deep, Guitars High
You Think I Ain't Worth A Heart But I Feel Like A Million Guitars
It Hurts To Shoot Guitars From Your Heart, But It's Necessary
The Number of your Heart
One Angry Heart And 200 Lovely Guitars
Like a Lovely Heart
Gonna Make You Love
Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Guitars
Goody Two Guitars
Love Forever
Hotel France
Look Rita, this is my Heart
When Lovely Guitars Cry
Lovely Blues
Stand By Rita
Behind Lovely Guitars
Rita's Lovely Guitars Club Band
Your Lovely Heart
Mad to Love
Another Year of Guitars
France on My Mind
Stairway to France
Don't Love
The Girl From France
Great Balls of Guitars
Yearning for Lovely Guitars
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Smells Like a Lovely Heart

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