Freshman Freestyles (Class of 2015) - XXL Freshman Freestyle

XXL Freshman Freestyle



XXL Freshman Freestyle Letra

We built the pyramids
One percent of the five percent understand the true intimacy and power we contributed to your country let alone your world
So how is it that we are stuck in a business with a system perpetuates us on the side?
They keep us in a condition where we ain't meant to survive
But our hood dealers and killers, nigga that's our gods
So why fault a nigga like me for wanting to be a god too?
Shoot a negro father from his son and take that same negro's son and put him on the corner and what do you get?
Another nigga like me who don't give a fuck about you
It's about humanity not color
Why leave these kids raised by single mothers?
And look at me crazy for wanting to stay boxed in the community in which you placed me
Placed us, penalized us, scolded us when you created the box
I will no longer live in the box
The generational curse will be broken
Because I once told myself that the prettiest picture was painted on the plainest day
Beautiful bliss and my wrist stroke my life's pain
The struggles of success reaching for a higher plane
Lord if you take me make me crash with Aaliyah plane
And we will be set free
Sincerely, us