Jumping the Shark



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[Verse 1]
Mom, I know I let you down
And though you say these days are happy
Why's the power off and I'm fucked up?
And Mom, I know made dad proud
Never say your son's a preacher
When the boy can't fill his sleep
Oh I said

[Hook] x2
I started jumping the shark
I started jumping the shark
I started jumping the shark
I want a new life

One as an adult
So I'm coming home tonight
No matter what the cost
And if the plane goes down
Or if the crew can't wake me up
Just know that I'm alright
Oh I was not afraid to die
And even if there's songs to sing
Or grandchildren you'll never meet
It might not be that time
No I was not afraid to die
Cause I put more faith in TV shows
Than I ever have some holy ghost
You know you've played a part
But after everything went dark
I started
I started...


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