Hell On The Heart

Hell On The Heart

Eric Church


Hell On The Heart Letra

No if, and's, but's or maybe's
So you want to be her baby
I can read your face like a book
Yeah it looks easy to love her but believe me brother
It's harder than it looks

She's as pretty as a picture
Every bit as funny as she is smart
Got a smile that'll hold you together
And a touch that'll tear you apart
When she's yours she brings the sunshine
When she's gone the world goes dark
Yeah she's heaven on the eyes
But boy she's hell on the heart

Yeah she's good when she's bad
She's cute when she's mad
And she does all the wrong things right
Yeah boy it's a fact when they're made like that
You ain't ever gonna sleep at night

Once you feel her touch and you've felt that rush
It's going to mess up your head
But here's the kicker son
Your old ticker's going to beat you half to death


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