Eric Church

Leave My Willie Alone

Eric Church


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I got a nice sized collection I'll admit it
Yea the night I showed it to her I'll never forget it
One shot of Whiskey River and she was gone, long gone
She couldn't leave my Willie alone

I played her everything from Material Girl
All of my Skynyrd and Merle
The Beatles and the Rolling Stones
Yea tried like hell to hook her on the Man in Black
She wasn't havin any of that
And she kept goin back
To the only thing that turned her on
She wouldn't leave my Willie alone

Well the honeymoon sure did wear off fast
We went from huggy, kissy, to fighting like dogs and cats
Well bad got worse when she went to cleaning out my home, sweet home
And she wouldn't leave my Willie alone

Yea I'm afraid it's been this way my whole life long
They won't leave my Willie alone
No they won't

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