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My Heart's Got A Memory

Eric Church


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If it was up to my pride, I'd be gone
If it was up to my mind, I'd be moving on
If it was up to my shoes
I'd be layin' rubber on the street
Anywhere else, that's where I'd be

And ain't it just my luck
When every other part of me gets unstuck
You'd already be gone if it was up to me
But my heart's got a memory
My heart's got a memory

If it took a train, I'd be on that track
If it took a drink, I'd be knockin' one back
If one little pill could set me free
Honey I'd O.D., yeah I'd O.D

Sometimes it feels like my heart's got a mind of it's own
And it's decided it don't wanna leave you alone
But if I had my way
I wouldn't feel this pain
And maybe someday baby
I'd kick this thing
But I really don't know when that might be

Cause my heart's got a memory
My heart's got a memory

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