Eric Church

Still Standing Their Ground

Eric Church


Still Standing Their Ground Letra

I like to think that I
Have strong enough conviction
To give my life for something that
I believe
But the truth is that I've
Never been put in that position
Where I'd have to die
To keep someone else free

But there are those, that do it every day
And there are those, that will tomorrow
So tonight I pray, as I lay my worries down
Lord watch over those, still standing their ground

I like to think that I
Have had the kind of courage
To speak the name of God
Where it was banned
Or be the kind of guy
Who stayed by her side
When a lot of other guys
Would of ran

I make my living with this old guitar
I stand on a stage and I pour out my heart
It might not seem like much in the sceme of things
Yeah I doubt I'll ever save a life with one of these songs I sing