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Eyes of a Wolf

Anne Clark


Eyes of a Wolf Letra

What I saw in that lost summer, while I was looking
Through the eye of a wolf
Were the last sun rays creeping down the hall
And all the leaves were invited to fall

It was a time where bitterness ends
Where the lost summer and I were finally friends

I saw disappointed faces in many different places
I saw beautiful girls selling white glowing pearls

I saw good things too
But there were just a few
While I was looking through the eye of a wolf

What did I hear when I was listening through the ear
Of a wolf?
I heard statesmen's speeches to forgotten sons in twisted
I heard the whispering of lovers selling lies for truth
Just to change their point of view
I heard the wild call of the beast unleashed

Escape was fading away
When the lost summer and I decided to stay

What did I feel, walking down the road in that lost
The fruit, they say, doesn't fall far from the tree
But I'm wild windfall, wandering free
Hands in my pockets, kicking stones down the road
How far must we travel before we let go?

I'm a sheep in wolf's clothing
Stopped howling at the moon
Swapped darkness for light
Tell summer I'll be there soon

Cruelty awakened
All these words of wisdom are captured
None forsaken
In this lost summer, when I was looking through the eye
Of a wolf.

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