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Cut Me Out

Scotty Sire ft. Chris Bloom


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Every time she leaves I go
With her- I don't stay at home
Whether my mind's altogether
Or not I don't really know
If I could leave her
Before she leaves me
If I would bleed first
Before she cuts me out

Once upon a time, I thought love was so simple
'Til I met you and you played me like a fiddle
And you asked me for my two cents and I give you a nickel
My love pours like a storm and it seems you only drizzle
But you give me the skittle, sweet hot so you sizzle
And when I see you, I dribble, my head turns on a swivel
And when I ask for bite, you only give me a nibble
That's how I found out that love is a riddle
When I give you so much, you only give back a little
I call- you don't respond- our love is strong, what's wrong with our signal
Took my shot like a pistol, fired back though I'm crippled
And my heart used to beat, But now I feel so belittled
So what happened to us? Our love was turned into scribbles
If we break up, I wonder, do you think we'd be civil?
I know you loved me once because I used to make you giggle
And I'd never leave you so you cut me out with your sickle

*clears throat*
It's a spell that I'm under
Where I can't forget about us
I know that I love her
But I don't know if she loves me back
Her body's a wonder
But her mind is a heart attack
At least it makes me feel, at least it makes me feel
I know- I know I'm at her whim and I'm at her will
She all the way under my skin, I'm just trying to heal
Try to keep in touch, why's it such a big deal
And I try to dare to forget what it meant
So remember the day that we met
When things are the worst, and just by myself
I tell myself that you're the best
A lot of my mind, I give you my time
And all I get back is regret
And that's the thing I don't get
Because I worry it's true
If I can hang on forever
Right now your mine, but ties are easily severed
'I'm leaving you, baby, I'm cutting you out'
I never want to hear these words come from your mouth

Ooh, don't cut me out
Ooh, don't cut me out
Cut me out of your mind
Are you out of your mind?
Ooh, don't cut me out
Please don't cut me out
Cut me out of your mind
Are you out of your mind?

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