Denzel Curry

6 Billion Dollar Nigga

Denzel Curry


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Ay, Ay, Yeah

Bitch I'm hot, this weed got me acting a little bit antisocial
Do I know you? Wanna conversate like I'm supposed to?
Throwing postal inside of a hostel
And a poster instead of a borstal
Soo inpivotal that can be hostel
I place all you niggas in brothels
Your motives are inanimate
Can't imagine when niggas start scattering
Like some motions and papers I'm rolled up in
Can't imagine this, not a magic trick
I am ultimate, you are inadequate
So get mad at quick, I am not a friend
I am not afraid, I will not pretend
Fuck a fight bitch I'll show you what knowledge is
All forgiven, accept the apologies boy
The loses, Curry be bossin'
Cut your loses with a Katana
Wannabe, cause you want the lasagna
Nigga I'm nice but I gotta Armada
Mark telling me to tell it how it is
If I tell ya'll I'm the shit, now I'm tell ya'll I'ma walking porta potty
Wit a mutha'fuckin' fat bitch in it
Eatin' on a 10 Pc chicken, nigga
Drive on the other side of the southside
Drive on the I-95 high
Get what you ask for, in the DMV sittin' tryn get the licences
And I got a mutha'fuckin' passport
With the ball meet me halfcourt
My nigga I don't got fans with your fan to raise a task force
Feelin' like an asshole cuttin' bitches with a sword
When I'm out the couch
6 Million Dollar Man with a couple grand Curry runnin shit
What the fuck is a track suit?
I know that shit attracts you
I know that shit attracts you
I know that shit attracts you
That's all I got

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