Denzel Curry

A Life In The Day Of Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry


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Raider Klan, strictly for my Raiders
A life in the day as
Denzel Curry

Okay, it's five in the morning
Cracking of dawn and I'm yawning
As I just reminisce when me and my cousin used to roll a swish
Pussy ass niggas they act like a bitch
They say I wasn't gonna be shit
Cause they words I choose to use was just so damn articulate
I paint a picture
With the scripture my father gave me
Went to yelling niggas and bitches and how you wouldn't play me, but
After my granny passed that's when a nigga grew heartless
Run up in the nigga house and shoot the shit like target
Get it, with a pen and a pad I was quick with it
Laying down on the back end so me and my niggas could rip it
But by then, we broke up
Reality hit and I woke up
Each and every day I take a smoke and I would choke up
Now it's over
I keep a conscious mind ever since I went sober
Stopped speaking of happy times, I wasn't in Range Rovers
A few months later I had a chat with Dece
Yeah Mike Dece, a real Posh OG
Talking about this rapper that came out the CC
Carol City's own folk, yeah I'm from the Zone 3
Simmie, well Andrew
Straight out of Myrtle Grove
Came a fan to a friend, Raider Klan across the globe
People raising eyebrows
Think my songs is devilish
Know it's quite rebellish
Plus my talent's heaven sent inferno
Creeping with the flame so they can burn dro
Or probably in the Jaguar, bumping while they ride slow
Now listen
No need for the hating niggas
Wasn't here before but then arrived so you a fake nigga
Now my Facebook and Twitter's full of compliments
They scream Aquarius Killer, now triumphant, then accomplishments
That's as far as I got on my verse

Synthesize, realize, life's no game
Synthesize, realize, life's no game
Synthesize, realize, life's no game
Synthesize, realize, life's no game
La la la, la la la, la, la la la
La la la, la la la, la, la la la
A life in the day of Denzel Curry

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