Denzel Curry

Captain universe

Denzel Curry


Poshgod in this motherfucker
Denzel Curry in this motherfucker

I'm a universe gangster
You da goon in a room
I come from the planet aka planet shrooms
Where I take the acids tab on the mothafucking tongue
And yeah I strip every bitch of the fucking thong
In the universe, as i glide through, silver surfer
Not Max B, mothafucka I will hurt you, hurt you
If you wanna test the fucking clique, Denzel Curry that nigga
& his mind just shifts
Like the muthafucking key that's next to the enter, spinter
Muthafucka I am your placenta
Coming through, in your mothafucking vagina
I don't really give a fuck, nigga , I'm the big tyma
That be the big one that be the Birdman, ya heard man
I don't really give a fuck , like Big Sean, you're swervin
I dont really give a fuck , i get the 3rd hand ,3 hands not two, who the fuck is you
Came with the fucking crew that be the fuckin shoe
Posh Gang Motherfucker what you gonna do
Chillin with the raider klan, that's it me and Nell
Motherfuckers [?] I will put you a nail in the coffin
Wait hold up, nigga I'm awesome in Austin
Looking for Lofty or Lofton, often

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