Denzel Curry

Dark Tournament

Denzel Curry ft. K-Trip y Soulja Mook


Dark Tournament Letra

It's a trip how niggas'll change quick
From real to low dick, from trill to straight bitch
So I be with my clique, cave be the side
No lie, 305, my nigga, where I reside
Where them hoes get down, niggas run down
Click, clack, pow, ? the sound, you better get down, nigga
Give me my crown, I'm the best in the booth
K be a trip, nothing less than the truth
Stay in my vibe, get high on herbal
Geeked like Urkel, but bad like Kirko
Bitches play, but fuck it, cause I'm from Dade
Where hoes get sprayed cause they just want to hurt you
My city fucked up, niggas dying everyday
Mentality where I stay, you ain't saved, no K
Up five boom pap, let 'em lay, all black
Blackland, batcave, bitch I'm 'bout money
And they want to play, my dog on the block
Didn't make it to your teens, then he probably got shot
Little jits getting got, the block too hot
On one knee, putting money in my socks
On two knees, praying up top
Hoping that the bullshit stop
But no time soon, so I carry the boomer to boom
I'm telling you fucks that I won't lose, K-Trip, nigga

Suicidal bombers on that DMT
So I'm killing 'em, trying to become a legend like I'm William
Killing 'em softly, searching for a refuge
But this ain't Lauryn Hill, do lacerate and say I kill
Like the bastard that I are, contradiction, I got a father
Mischevious little boy, really, who's the oddest toddler
Like I'm low-key, really though, I'm oddly, I'm Godly
Niggas raid your clique like the Killer Klan Posse
Killer Klan Kasi, I see pussy, I'm CAT scan
Dark niggas in the night, bitches thinking I'm Batman
Name's Denzel and I'm far from a Christian
They'll reiterate the sentence, love God and no religion
Benzes will make you commit a 107
To me, I think it's senseless like a demon, priest, and a reverend
Raven Miyagi, that nigga, I be the master
What happened to that bunny on Tyler? So the dick was fatter?
No, that's Franklin, Donny's best friend
There's a 'E' on the end of nine cause you 'bout to meet your end
66, 6-3, dropping like a 6-4
Killer, killer, killer, hitlist or that Death Note
Autographed by Justin Beiber, the future like HR Giger
Left hollow like Ichigo, Grim Reapers, and Soul Eaters
I don't give a fuck if you eat a pile of shit
If Denzel's lame, then you are a pile of sticks
Get it? Aquarius Killa Miyagi
Niggas that copy come with Kakashi ripping and kicking the lyrics karate
With a Bugatti, ride with a shotty, cause they might try to murk you
Trapping niggas in trapezoids, watch out for your circle
Like that

Voice 1 : You own the throne not me
A tedious technicality but we are men of honor
Don't you worry though, we'll get your prize yet
As long as my body continues to shrink at this pace I'll no doubt be dead within the span of a year
Voice 2: Right, the low human diet's working wonders for you
Voice 1: As for the matter of my throne, you'll have to get much stronger to fend off my enemies

Alone as I howl to the moon in the dark
Raised by the wolves since the very fuckin' start
Twisting my ratchet I'm clickin' and klackin'
Chop off your head and get placed in the basket
You actin', nigga just know
Put them paws on your ass like Simba did Doa
I'm a wolf trueblood to death
Say my name twice and you cursed like Macbeth
Call it spirit gun when I'm lifting your soul
Only fear of god when everyday I grow old
'Cause these demons be walkin' and haters is talkin'
While snitches is stalkin' they killin' so often
Hatin' ass niggas just know
Soulja Mook in this bitch and let these niggas know
I'm a wolf in the jungle
Concrete nigga like ya'll boys wanna play
Lead an army, nigga